That 10th school.

Moving to different places was something that I am used to compared to the ordinary person. I have been to different places through out my life. I met different people along the way. It was different from the usual kid life a child is supposed to have.

I am actually proud to say that I have been to 10 schools through out my life. All this moving started when I was in 4th grade. I transferred to this whole new place and I didn't take it well. I was a juvenile delinquent in school. I was a brat to my parents. And on top of that, my grades were low. My parents said that this was a new adventure. I would be in a new place: new house and new school. I would meet new people. They left out the part where I would leave the place I called home. I would leave my first house, my first school and my closest friends. I was acting out. And they knew that. But after some time there was something from inside that told me I had to snap out of it and live life. And this was coming from a fourth grade student. So I saw moving as what my parents described.

As for the next 8 schools, I see this travelling thing as a good thing. I was an expert at introducing myself in front of the class and making a good impression and then eventually obtaining friends. I was also used to saying goodbye. It was like all this was normal to me.

But as I finish this school year, this talent of mine has become pretty much rusted. Maybe it's because I haven't been labelled as the new transferee for such a long time. Maybe it's because my father's job doesn't require the whole family to move like before. Maybe it's because this time I had to stay in this school for 4 years unlike the others.

The idea of moving wasn't talked about in the family anymore maybe that's why my talent faded away as well. :) I need a little bit of it though since graduation is almost near. But I like this feeling. This feeling that I do have the opportunity to make friends and to keep them for a long time and not disappear on them in a flash. People got to see me grow. People got to know the whole part of me, not just the one who always had to make a good impression. This little part of my life broke the wall that I have built ever since I started moving.

College life really has its perks.



Marsy said...

Hey this is a nice blog design, did you illustrate it yourself? :)

Liajoyce said...

No, there's this site that has a lot of designs that you can use. :P

Rohan92 said...

My mom and dad are both in the army , Even I had to move like every 3 years. Glad about college now. nice blog. :)

Liajoyce said...

Wow, that's gotta be tough. I know how that is.

and Thank you! Thank you very much. :)