Perks of Being a Wallflower

I watched Perks of Being a Wallflower alone today.

It's kind of sad at first but I got over it since I am such the movie buff and I think I can manage being alone in the movie theater. That and how much I wanted to watch that movie very much. 

So there I was purchasing a ticket for 1. Usually I go to the movies either with my family or friends, but this time that's not the case. My friends and family were too busy to go. 

So I just sat there, relaxed, and watched the movie trailers and waited for the movie to begin. 

It was weird just watching by myself. There was no one to talk to or comment on about what the hell happened, but as I watched the movie I came to realize that I needed to watch this particular movie on my own. It opened up old wounds. It opened the emo side of my so called happy life. 

Did I ever mention that I have been enrolled to 10 schools already? Pretty awesome right? No. Not really. It was a roller coaster ride. It damaged me as I grew up. All the separation and the isolation and the starting over, over and over again in an endless cycle. That's how I could relate to Charlie in the movie. I felt what he felt. I had been in that situation, the situation where you don't have friends. the situation where you don't know where to go, where to belong. I was struggling like Charlie.

In the moment where Patrick toasted to Charlie and welcoming him in their little clique, I can't help but cry, I didn't even had the chance to stop it. The tears just streamed down uncontrollably. Acceptance, knowing where you belong after all the times that you feel helpless and lost, it's like a ray of sunshine after a long storm. You finally know you have something to lean on. Maybe that's why I value friendship very much, because I had to earn it the hard way. Maybe that's why I don't give in too quickly because I know how important it is. 

Everyone has their own scars. I have my own. I needed that movie. I needed that movie all to myself. I think it was meant for me to be watched alone. After the movie it gave me feelings of relief and hope that everything will get better and the better for each and everyone of us has it's own timing.  

Don't let this movie pass, okay? It has everything. It's about friendship, it's ups and downs and everything in between. It'll make you laugh and cry. You'll feel what they feel. It's as if you're with them. And you won't regret every minute you watch it :)