So what now?

Hey everyone! And by everyone I meant those people who actually read my teeny tiny blog amongst all the millions and billions of blogs out there in the world. :P it has been a while since I blogged, and it's about time that I do, AGAIN.

So what now?

Well just to let you know I passed my nursing licensure exams months ago, I even started training, and I applied to be a staff nurse to various hospitals.. I am now at a point wherein I have to go through the waiting process. That indefinite waiting process.

What should I do?

Do training again? I am pretty much tired of the whole I have to pay for the training and I only get experience in return. I studied for 4 years to get paid with the education my parents paid for. Isn't that enough to land me a job? Plus.. where do I get the money? My parents discouraged me from getting jobs that are way off from nursing. That leaves me unemployed with no money. :P I hope that in the near future I do get a job.

I wait.

It has only been less than 2 months that I have nothing to do. I seriously have a lot of time to kill, though the problem is I am alone. My parents are at work and my brother's in school. It blows my mind that I am just so stagnant. I want to move forward and I hope I do get that chance to.

I have a lot of free time on my hands.. I think I should use it as wisely as I can.