So this Tuesday, I have taken on a job that I have never done before. Can you guess what it is? It's actually the title of my blog. YES! Hosting! Why? Well because I want to try something like that. I am actually working on the script now.

I am bit nervous but I always try to calm myself reminding myself that I am just hosting. I am the one who will facilitate the event. I am not the one who will be doing the main thing which is presenting their thesis (I'm hosting a research competition btw). And with that I want to wish the other half of my RLE good luck on that day - they're part of it. :) AIM FOR NUMBER 1! Maybe the more I'm exposed to the stage, the more I will comfortable with it. I have been exposed to that stage once before, but the atmosphere on this one is different. But I am relieved that I am not alone on this one. I do have a partner. And I know he'll be there in every step of the way. :)

Wish me luck.



Rohan92 said...

Best of luck. Dont stop when you stammer and start making awkward jokes... doesnt help the mood... and awkward jokes are never funny... like... ever... From experience :/

Liajoyce said...

HAHA, thank you I'll keep that in mind.:)

Rohan92 said...

btw try checking out my blog, follow it if you find it interesting