And I start blogging again. :P

Every year I buy myself a planner so that I could be organized. And by the end of every year i find myself not fully utilizing that planner. There are so many blank pages for the days I forget to write because I was so busy and I was so lazy. Every year that planner is half accomplished. And I say: What a waste of paper. So this year I got myself a journal.

A blank book where I can just write anything I want. A blank book where I am not obligated to write every single day. A blank book where I am just free.

That book was with me ever since the year 2011 started. It's filled with my thoughts and everything that has been happening to me. I even share it to my friends. I can't call it private anymore. :) Some people get curious as to what I have written in that tiny book. But that tiny book has its limitations. It can't reach every single person, that's why I started blogging again. :)

Stay posted. :)

-Lia joyce