Got nothing to lose. :)

What if? 

That question that can really make your head spin. The degree of uncertainty it entails, the big of a risk you have to take to know the answer, the frustration of not knowing, the many possibilities that can happen but not knowing which one will happen in the end. And it's all mashed into two words.

If this question is left unanswered, regret is what you will get.

I have encountered what if's every time. Sometimes it's just a teeny tiny event and sometimes it's life-changing.   

This time.. I think I have encountered the biggest what if of my life, and I have decided to know the answer to this what if. I decided to take the risk because I don't want to get devoured by regret.

I decided to face the dreaded question and now I am at the point where the answer is so near but it hasn't revealed itself. It has given me mixed feelings of happiness, relief, confusion, anxiety.. What will happen now? 

Regret is out of the table, but now I am here facing uncertainty and soon enough closure. :)