A heart's a heavy burden

I love to watch movies. I tend to watch and hope that I get a lesson out of each and everyone of them. The other day I watched Howl's Moving Castle. I have watched it more than once but in different moments of my life. The content of the movie was always the same but different messages are relayed to me when I did watch it.

There was this one line that I always remember. It was said in the latter part of the movie. The line was: A heart's a heavy burden.

The first time I watched it that line to me was just another sentence. Maybe even humor conveyed by the character in the movie. I never quite understood what it meant. Maybe it was because I was just too happy or I haven't really experienced problems that were so hard to bear. But the reason why I am very sure that I hardly understood that sentence was because I was too young.

Years passed and I watched that same movie again. And again that character said the line: A heart's a heavy burden. And then I found myself nodding as if I finally understood what she meant.

It was true, what she said. And it still remains true til now and I think the til the future as well. so take care of your hearts everyone. :) Don't wait til that sentence finally gives you its meaning. :)


Rohan92 said...

Well, glad to see you're blogging, I started again recently. See you around.